All Levels Encaustic Workshop


Encaustic painting is an ancient practice of painting with pigmented beeswax. It is Karen Bubb's primary medium. Bubb teaches encaustic workshops in her studio once a month for up to 6 people at a time. All materials are included in the workshop cost. Participants learn wax painting techniques such as collage, incising, color layering, and transferring images, coming away with 1 to 5 works (some like to work on one larger piece, others do several small artworks). Many come back for repeated workshops to expand their encaustic painting practice without having to invest in the materials or equipment. Bubb acts as a "coach" helping each use the medium in ways that match their personal artistic desires.

Upcoming Workshop Dates

Saturday, March 16, noon - 5pm, $75.
2 spaces available.

Saturday, April 27, noon - 5pm, $75.
6 spaces available.

Email or text 208-860-2401 to register

See Karen Bubb's art in person:
You can see Bubb's work at Capital Contemporary Gallery at 451 S. Capital Blvd. near Broad Street, at her studio by appointment or during Boise Open Studios (BOSCO) in October 2019.