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Bubb creates site-specific temporary installations for special exhibitions and events. Sometimes these installations have a performance aspect where the artist performs and invites the audience to participate.

On view are a selection of images from:

Rest: A 2010 collaborative installation and performance created by Josie Fretwell and Karen Bubb for a Day of the Dead exhibition organized by Star Moxley. The artists created a Victorian sitting room and, on opening night and First Thursday, welcomed audience participants to enter and lay down as if dead. They were attended to by the artists, photographed and then led out. The performance was a meditation on the transformative moment of death.

Mandala: an installation of river rock and ceramic work at the Idaho State Historical Museum for a day-of-the-dead exhibition in 2013.

Circle of Life: An outdoor installation marking the circle of life and death made at Star Moxley's in 2013.

Modern Art: An installation dedicated to the Beltane, an ancient fertility festival held in May. Audience participants were invited to climb into the bed below the altar of abundance and enjoy the meditative peace of this secretive hideaway. Others were offered champagne and chocolate.